No. We use it in short busts and small tasks, slowly increasing the time worn and difficulty level of the task i.e., coloring to brushing teeth. Within an average of three months,the child doesn’t need to wear the goggles anymore! Reduced distractions and even better eye contact has been learned all on their own. What’s harmful is to believe everyone with autism has the same behaviors and does not need a tool to help them grow. A weighted blanket helps for a better sleep and this helps for better focus.

Stimming isn’t necessarily bad, as long as it doesn’t hurt them. It CAN affect attention to the outside world, which can affect their ability to learn and communicate with others. If a child flicks their fingers near their eyes, they won’t be playing with toys, developing play skills. When older, if they’re absorbed in watching their hands in front of their eyes in the classroom, they’re not engaged with schoolwork. or pacing around the playground, they’re missing valuable social opportunities.

We have been using Tunnel Vision Goggles on many age ranges for over 5 years and in 5 different countries. Currently it is in Miami-Dade county schools, private schools, therapy centers, and hospitals. One Therapy center in Mexico has been using Tunnel Vision Goggles with teens and have seen great results. Everyone has different abilities and diagnoses, Tunnel Vision Goggles can benefit all ages. Early intervention is key and for best results, start between ages 2-15.

Tunnel Vision is for all ages, anyone who is on the autism spectrum, has ADD, ADHD or any other disabilities which creates distractions from learning. Everyone has different abilities and diagnoses, Tunnel Vision Goggles can benefit all ages. Early intervention is key and for best results, start between ages 2-15.

Yes, we have made a special stretchy, easily adjustable, and super comfortable Velcro strap.



Tunnel Vision Goggles are a patented one of a kind product that has a free downloadable app that gives the parent or guardian access to all the training videos and a community where everyone can share and support each other. Many products make claims without the results. We have tested this product out for over 6 years, in multiple countries with multiple therapy centers and the results speak for themselves.



Tunnel Vision Goggles have been tested by 3rd party therapy centers from all over the world, have been backed by doctors, physiologists, and have been in development for over five years. We are excited to bring this to market because we have seen the results. Visit our YouTube channel to see the results and hear the parents testimony yourself. You will see why we are excited.



What we guarantee is that Tunnel Vision Goggles will reduce visual distractions, which leads to better focus on the task at hand, which leads to better learning. It’s pivotal to follow the program which helps them get to a point that they can focus all on their own, without needing to even use Tunnel Vision Goggles anymore. This is the ultimate goal.

No. Anyone can learn how to use it through the Tunnel Vision Goggles training videos free on the app. We have developed this whole program to be an in-home solution so that Tunnel Vision can have no limits or boundaries to where and who can benefit from this amazing non-pharmaceutical solution. The community will also be a great resource for you, as we are in this together,



It will take some discipline to see the results your loved one needs. Once you get them comfortable with wearing Tunnel Vision Goggles, that’s half the battle. If you get the concepts that Jerry teaches, it’s easy to integrate in your everyday life. It is a sacrifice but we have seen results that have taken as little as 2 months, resulting in the child not needing Tunnel Vision anymore, being able to focus on the task at hand.

You can email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as we can.



You only need one, but we recommend buying at least two. One you can leave at your school or therapy center and the other at home. You can also buy one to leave in the car. This helps when you go to restaurants or just day to day travels.



You will download the free Tunnel Vision Goggles app and watch the training video. Jerry goes step by step from how to get your loved one comfortable with wearing it, to brushing teeth, eating. bedtime, and clean up. These are all applicable trainings not just to help your loved one have a brighter future but to decompress the parents’ life as well. We know because we also have children with special needs. You will also find a community where you learn, share videos, and techniques.

Yes, the very nature of Tunnel Vision Goggles is to block out large portions of the visual distractions around them which causes certain “stimming” behaviors. If you can reduce distractions, then you will have a more focused learner.

Every child is different but our Tunnel Vision Goggles training process has seen results in as little as 2 sessions (4 hours). Check out some of the stories from parents to see what this program has done for them.

Non-pharmaceutical results. Most products on the market are overpriced and don’t provide the results we are seeing. Coupled with the training videos, Tunnel Vision is second to none.